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Wolf Creek Resort & Club includes an 18-hole golf course, driving range, Frisbee™/disc golf course, fitness center and related facilities generally located at 3718 North Wolf Creek Drive, Eden, Utah 84310 (the “Wolf Creek Facilities”).

WCU LLC, a Utah limited liability company doing business as “Wolf Creek Utah” (“WCU”) has established these Rules and Regulations as a general guide to use of the Wolf Creek Facilities.  The Rules and Regulations are intended and to promote the health, safety, welfare and enjoyment of Wolf Creek Resort & Club members, their families and guests and all other persons who use the Wolf Creek Facilities.

WCU is committed to providing its members and guests with an enjoyable and first‑class recreational and fitness experience.  In order to uphold these standards, members and guests are expected to act in a manner consistent with good taste.  WCU may, in its sole discretion, periodically amend the Rules and Regulations as WCU deems appropriate.


  1. Members, their families and guests and all other persons who use the Wolf Creek Facilities must abide by these Rules and Regulations as they may be amended from time to time.
  1. WCU will establish the days and hours that the Wolf Creek Facilities will be open and available for use.
  1. WCU may close all or any portion of the Wolf Creek Facilities on any given day and at any time due to inclement weather or other natural forces, or for maintenance, safety or emergency purposes as solely determined by WCU.
  1. WCU reserves the right to periodically schedule contests, tournaments or other activities and events that utilize the Wolf Creek Facilities. Such contests, tournaments or other activities and events may, for example, utilize tee times or fitness center equipment, which may occasionally delay or restrict the availability and use of some or all of the Wolf Creek Facilities.
  1. Alcoholic beverages may not be served, sold, or consumed at the Wolf Creek Facilities in any manner that is prohibited by state or local law. Please abide by any signs regarding the consumption of alcohol in various portions of the Wolf Creek Facilities, as may be posted by WCU.
  1. Commercial advertisements shall not be posted or circulated upon any portion of the Wolf Creek Facilities, nor shall solicitations of any kind be made upon any portion of the Wolf Creek Facilities, without WCU’s prior written permission. No petition regarding any subject matter whatsoever may be originated, solicited, circulated or posted on any portion of the Wolf Creek Facilities without WCU’s prior written permission.
  1. Dogs or any other pets or animals (with the exception of dogs that have been properly trained and certified to assist persons with disabilities) are not permitted on any portion of the Wolf Creek Facilities except with WCU’s prior written permission. If dogs are permitted on any potion of the Wolf Creek Facilities, they must be kept on a leash at all times.  The owner of any animal and/or the person controlling such animal will be held responsible for any personal injury or property damage caused by such animal.
  1. Self-parking is permitted in areas identified as such. No parking will be allowed on grass areas.  “No Parking” signs must be observed.  Vehicles parked in violation of “No Parking” signs will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.
  1. No fireworks are permitted anywhere on the Wolf Creek Facilities unless as part of a fireworks exhibit that is organized and/or conducted by WCU.
  1. Firearms and all other weapons of any kind are not permitted on the Wolf Creek Facilities at any time.
  1. Use of the Wolf Creek Facilities may from time to time be restricted or reserved by WCU in WCU’s sole discretion.
  1. Violation of any of these Rules and Regulations, or any conduct that is harmful or prejudicial to the interests of WCU may result in the offending person being temporarily or permanently barred from using all or any portion of the Wolf Creek Facilities.
  1. If any member, or any family member or guest of any member, or any other person who uses the Wolf Creek Facilities, engages in conduct deemed by WCU as likely to endanger the welfare, safety, harmony or good reputation of WCU and/or Wolf Creek Resort & Club or any of its members, guests, employees or personnel, that person may be suspended or expelled from using all or any Wolf Creek Facilities and may have all privileges associated with their membership suspended or terminated.
  1. WCU and its employees, and all Wolf Creek Facilities’ personnel, will have the authority to enforce these Rules and Regulations and any infractions will be reported to Wolf Creek Facilities’ management and to WCU.
  1. In no event shall WCU or any Wolf Creek Facilities personnel discriminate against any person because of that person’s race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, handicap, sexual orientation or marital status.
  2. If membership I.D. cards are lost or stolen, member agrees to pay a $20.00 replacement fee for new card.


  1. WCU will issue a membership card to each member and each member of his or her family who is eligible for membership privileges. Membership cards will include the member’s name, account number and category of membership.  Members and each member of their family must have their membership cards with them at all times while using the Wolf Creek Facilities.
  1. A membership card may not be used by any person other than the member to whom it was issued or a member of his or her family. Membership cards are not transferable.  Membership cards may be revoked for failure to pay the Membership Fee, or any other fees or charges related to the Membership, and for failure to abide by the Rules and Regulations as determined by WCU.
  1. In order to protect members from improper charges, membership cards must be presented at the point of sale for all transactions, excluding food and beverage, in which case presentation of membership cards is required prior to placing any order.
  1. Membership cards will be mailed to each member at the mailing address provided by the member to WCU, or will be held for pick-up at WCU’s office, as determined by WCU.
  1. WCU must be notified immediately in the event of a lost or stolen membership card. The member’s account will be canceled and WCU will issue a new membership card number.  Until notification of card loss or theft is received in writing by WCU, the member shall be responsible for all charges placed on the account.  A card replacement fee as determined by WCU may be charged for lost or stolen membership cards or in any situation where the account number is changed.


  1. Each member, including his or her family and guests, and any other person who uses the Wolf Creek Facilities shall assume sole responsibility for securing his or her property. WCU shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to any personal property used or stored on or at the Wolf Creek Facilities.  Any such personal property which may have been left in or on the Wolf Creek Facilities for six months or more may be sold by WCU, with or without notice, at a public or private sale, or may be otherwise disposed of, and the proceeds, if any, may be retained by WCU.
  1. Every member shall be liable for any property damage caused by the member or by any member of his or her family or by his or her guest. The cost of such damage shall be charged to the responsible member’s account.


  1. Members are responsible for the conduct and safety of their children when enjoying the Wolf Creek Facilities. As used in these Rules and Regulations, the terms “child” or “children” refers to any individual who is under the age of 18.
  1. Any child age 15 through 17 years of age may use the Wolf Creek Facilities (including the Fitness Center) without being accompanied and/or supervised by an adult, provided that the parent or legal guardian of such child has previously signed a Release and Waiver of Liability and Assumption of Risk Agreement on behalf of such child.
  1. Children of age 12 through 14 years of age are not allowed to use any portion of the Wolf Creek Facilities (including the Fitness Center) unless accompanied and supervised by an adult. The parent or legal guardian of such child must sign a Release and Waiver of Liability and Assumption of Risk Agreement on behalf of such child.
  1. Children age 12 and under may not use the Fitness Equipment at the Wolf Creek Facilities, or attend classes (unless a class or event is specifically designed for children under 12). Children under the age of 12 may only use childcare facilities that may be located at Wolf Creek Resort & Club.


  1. Charges for any services used by the guest of any member that are not paid for in cash or the guest’s credit card will be charged against the member’s credit card.
  1. The member shall be responsible for all charges incurred by his or her guest. The member is also responsible for the conduct of his or her guests while at Wolf Creek Resort & Club.  If the behavior or appearance of any guest is deemed to be unsatisfactory, the sponsoring member shall, immediately upon the request of WCU, cause such guest to leave the premises of Wolf Creek Resort & Club.


  1. Every golfer must register in the golf shop before teeing off.
  1. The Rules of Golf as approved by the United States Golf Association (USGA) together with local rules govern all persons who play golf at Wolf Creek Resort & Club.
  1. All play must begin at the #1 tee unless otherwise authorized by the starter. “Cutting-in” is not permitted at any time nor is starting play from residences.
  1. Practice is not permitted on the golf course. Practice in designated areas only.
  1. Players stopping play after nine holes for any reason will lose their position on the golf course and must get permission from the starter to resume play. Please be sure to keep the amount of time needed to make the turn from one side of the golf course to the other to fewer than five minutes.
  1. The golf shop staff is solely responsible for scheduling tournaments on the golf course. All tournament play must be approved in advance by the Golf Professional.
  1. Starting times may be made in person or by phone during golf shop hours. Members may also make their own tee times online.
  1. Members should notify the golf shop of any cancellations as soon as possible. Players who fail to cancel their starting time one hour prior to their scheduled starting time may be charged a fee for the unused rounds as determined by WCU.
  1. Repair all ball marks on the green and divots in the fairway.
  1. Enter and exit bunkers on the low side and smooth sand over with a rake.
  1. Do not drive carts over any part of the putting surface or on tee boxes. Do not drive carts between the bunkers and the green.
  1. Searching for balls other than those played by members of your group is not allowed on the course at any time.
  1. Each player must have his or her own set of golf clubs and golf bag.
  1. Walking, jogging, bicycling, fishing, etc. are not permitted on the golf course at any time.
  1. No beverage coolers are permitted on the course unless provided by WCU.
  1. Twosomes and singles shall be grouped with other players, if available, at the discretion of the golf shop.
  1. If lightning is in the area, all play shall cease. The golf shop staff may warn players about lightning in the area, of which the staff is aware; however, WCU assumes no responsibility or duty to detect lightning and/or warn players.  If WCU personnel warn players about potential lightning in the area, players must stop play immediately.
  1. Groups of five or more players are not permitted on the golf course.
  1. Walking is permitted on the golf course. The use of pull/push carts is also permitted, except as otherwise set forth in these Rules and Regulations or as otherwise determined by WCU.


  1. The driving range is open during normal operating hours as determined by the golf shop. The driving range may be closed for general maintenance at WCU’s discretion.
  1. Markers will be set daily. Hit only from designated teeing areas.
  1. The grass teeing area may be opened and closed according to weather.
  1. Range balls are for use on the driving range and may not be used on the golf course. You may not use your own golf balls on the driving range.
  1. Park golf carts in designated areas while using the driving range.
  1. Proper golf attire is required at all times on the driving range.
  1. Lessons by unauthorized professionals or other persons are prohibited.


  1. Golf carts may not be used by any member or guest on the golf course without proper assignment and registration in the golf shop.
  1. Golf carts may only be used on the golf course when the course is open for play.
  1. Golf carts will not be rented to persons under the age of 18. Golf carts may only be operated by persons at least 16 years of age having a valid automobile driver‘s license and accompanied by an adult.
  1. Only two persons and two sets of golf clubs are permitted per golf cart.
  1. Obey all golf cart traffic signs. Always use golf cart paths where provided.
  1. Golf carts must remain at least 30 feet from greens, tees, bunkers, ponds, and streams.
  1. Help protect the golf course by driving in the rough and turning into the fairway at 90 degrees when you reach your ball. Rain tends to accumulate in the low areas of the golf course.  Please avoid these areas at all costs.  Never drive a golf cart through a hazard.
  1. Private golf carts are permitted in WCU’s sole discretion, and are subject to applicable “trail fees” and private golf cart rules, which are available at the golf shop.
  1. Operation of a golf cart is at the risk of the operator. Persons who are or appear to be intoxicated may not operate a golf cart.  Cost of repair to a golf cart that is damaged by the member, a family member or a guest shall be their responsibility.  Members shall be held fully responsible for any and all damages, including any damage to the golf cart, that are caused by the misuse of the golf cart by the member, his or her family members or guests, and shall reimburse WCU for any and all damages WCU may sustain by reason of misuse.
  1. Each member accepts and assumes all responsibility for liability connected with operation of the golf cart. Each member also expressly indemnifies and agrees to hold harmless the Indemnified Parties from any and all damages, whether direct or consequential, arising from or related to the member’s, his or her family members’ or guests’ use and operation of the golf cart.
  1. Violations of the golf cart rules may result in loss of golf cart privileges and/or playing privileges.



Appropriate attire shall be worn on the golf course, on the practice greens, and in the practice areas.  Ragged, worn out, or holey jeans are not permitted.  Appropriate attire will be:

Gentlemen:  Must wear a golf shirt with at least a 1” collar and presentable pants or shorts.  Shorts will be mid-thigh length or longer.  It is a dress code violation to wear tank tops, tee shirts, cutoffs, workout shorts, or swim suits.

Ladies:  Ladies attire will include pants, skirts, skorts, or shorts that will be mid-thigh or longer.  Shirts must have one of the following, a collar or sleeves.  It is a dress code violation to wear halter tops, short shorts, workout shorts, or swim suits.

Footwear:  Wolf Creek Resort & Club is a non-metal spike club.  Lug soled shoes such as soccer or turf shoes will not be permitted.  It is a violation to wear any shoes which damage the putting green.   Shoes with “soft spikes” or spikeless shoes must be worn by all golfers.

This dress code is mandatory for all players.  Improperly dressed golfers shall be asked to change before playing.  If you are in doubt concerning your attire, please check with the golf shop before starting play.


  1. The USGA has “Pace Rated” our course for 3 hours and 47 minutes. Players are expected to meet or beat our Pace of Play rating.  This amount of time is more than adequate, provided all players remain aware of the rights of others to play without delay.  It is the responsibility of each group to keep pace with the group ahead.  If the hole is open ahead of them, they must invite the group behind them through.  Rules apply to twosomes, threesomes, and foursomes, but not to singles, as they have no standing on the course.  On a par three, an open hole is described when the hole has been vacated prior to a group’s arrival to the tee.  On a par four, an open hole is described as the players of the group ahead leaving the putting green before the group behind has hit their tee shot on that hole.  On a par five, being a hole behind is described as all of the players in the group ahead being on the putting surface before the group behind has hit their tee shot.  In these cases the players should hit their tee shots and allow the next group to play through.  WCU personnel will monitor the pace of play.
  1. If a player is repeatedly warned for slow play, WCU personnel may take such action as it deems appropriate, including without limitation, restricting the person’s use of the golf course during certain times of the day.
  1. All golf course play shall be under the direction and supervision of the golf shop staff who report directly to the Golf Professional. The Golf Course Marshal has the authority to keep play moving at the proper pace for everyone’s enjoyment.  The Marshal may use any method to accomplish this result, including but not limited tom, requiring slower groups to allow groups following through.  Misconduct of golf etiquette will be reported to the Head Golf Professional who will take the necessary disciplinary action.



Persons using the golf course should do their part to make a round of golf a pleasant experience for everyone.  Here are some suggestions:

  1. Do not waste time. Anticipate the club or clubs you may need, and go directly to your ball.  Always be near your ball and play promptly when it is your turn.  If a player is delayed in making his or her shot, it would be courteous for such player to indicate to another player to play which should not be deemed playing out of turn.
  1. The time required to “hole out” on and around the green is a chief cause of slow play. Study and clear the line of your putt while others are doing the same.  Be ready to putt when it is your turn.
  1. Be sociable, but reserve your extended conversations for the clubhouse.
  1. When approaching a green, park your golf cart on the cart path on the best direct line to the next tee, in order to save significant time. Never leave the golf cart in front of the green where you will have to go back and get it while the following players wait for you to move on.
  1. When play of a hole is completed, leave the green promptly and proceed to the next tee without delay. Record the scoring for the completed hole while others in your group are playing from the next tee.
  1. If you are not holding your place on the course, allow the players behind you to play through. Do the same if you stop to search for a lost ball.
  1. The course marshall will report slow play and all breaches of golf etiquette to the golf shop. Appropriate action will be taken by the golf shop personnel.


  1. In case of medical emergency, dial 911.
  1. In the case of equipment malfunction, please notify Fitness Center personnel.
  1. The Fitness Center may not always be staffed. Please use caution when exercising.
  1. You must be a member of Wolf Creek Resort & Club in order to enter and use the Fitness Center. See rules above titled “CHILDREN” regarding family members under the age of 18.
  1. The Fitness Center is not a gathering area for groups of people or friends, so please only enter the Fitness Center if you are a current member and are using the equipment for exercise.
  1. You need your key tag to enter the Fitness Center. The Fitness Center will be locked during business hours. You may not let non-members or people without key tags into the Fitness Center.
  1. The Fitness Center offers a non-threatening environment to get healthier. We discourage dropping weights, emotional outbursts, and loud grunting while working out. Please respect others who are trying to exercise.
  1. No loud or offensive language or behavior.
  1. All personal effects must be kept off workout floor, back packs, etc., should be stored in lockers.
  1. There is no ownership of lockers. They are used on a first come, first serve basis. If you use a locker, you are required to bring your own lock. We are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal property. If you leave your lock on a locker after you complete your workout and leave the facility, your lock will be cut off and thrown away.
  1. Keep the Fitness Center clean. Please pick up after yourself and discard your trash.
  1. Food, gum, smoking, tobacco products, alcohol, and drugs are not permitted in the Fitness Center.
  1. Water and sports drinks are permitted in the Fitness Center provided they are in a sealable non-glass container.
  1. Machines should be wiped down after each use. Wipes are provided at different stations throughout the Fitness Center.
  1. Re-rack weights after each use.
  1. You cannot bring your own fitness equipment (e. weights, benches, etc.)
  1. All equipment is to remain in the Fitness Center.
  1. There is no loitering, drug use, smoking, alcohol use or any illegal activity allowed in the facility.
  1. Do not deface or destroy any property within the Fitness Center, including walls, floors, equipment, restroom facilities.
  1. Proper workout attire is mandatory (e. gym shoes and shirts). No street clothes or shoes are permitted.
  1. Please turn off all TVs on equipment after each use.
  1. WCU has its own fitness training staff. Only approved personal trainers are allowed to train at the Fitness Center.  If you are a trainer, you may not train anyone at the Fitness Center without WCU’s prior written approval.
  1. If you have been on the cardio equipment longer than 30 minutes and others are waiting for the machine, please allow others to use the machine.
  1. Do not monopolize the weights/strength training equipment. When doing circuit training you may not reserve all the equipment in your circuit at one time. Share the equipment if people are waiting.
  1. Each strength-training machine has placards with instructions for use. Please follow these instructions and do not make up your own ways to use the equipment.
  1. Fitness Center rules, regulations and facilities are subject to change without notice.


Violation of any fitness center rules may result in the offending person or persons being temporarily or permanently barred from using the fitness center.


  1. The Frisbee™/Disc Golf Course is available for use on a first come, first served basis.
  1. Remain quiet and avoid unnecessary movements when others are throwing.
  1. Stand behind the player who is throwing until throw is complete.
  1. Never throw until the players ahead of you are out of range, and until the fairway is completely clear of spectators and park guests.
  1. Remove disc from target after completing the hole
  1. Allow faster groups to play through when possible
  1. Respect the course—put trash in proper receptacles. No alcohol or glass containers are allowed.
  1. Do not alter the course (trees, bushes, etc.) in any way.

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