Simply Sweet Life at Wolf Creek

Simply Sweet Life at Wolf Creek

This past Saturday, August 20th was a great day to be in the Ogden Valley.   After watching the colorful, morning balloon launch of the annual Ogden Valley Balloonfest, neighbors and visitors gathered on the Wolf Creek Golf Course Patio for our 2nd annual Pet Parade.    Kids and adults alike, strutted their mutts and enjoyed the cool morning sunshine while admiring and giggling at the decked out pets.  Even the Wolf Creek Yeti made an appearance to partake in the contest.

Many dogs were dressed in outfits, specifically designed for them, Bear, who took home the “Most Unusual Pet” honors, came as a three-headed Pomeranian and wore a custom-made costume that his humans, Michelle Black and son Landon, had made just for him. “Major” was a true sport as he donned a pink tu-tu and hand-crafted bat wings to join his Batgirl sister and Batman brother, Hayden & Gray Wilbanks.

Lily Chessler, the Grand Prize winner, dressed to match her pardner, Smokey-Okey, in his cowboy duds.  He really looked like a miniature scruffy cowboy strutting around the plaza.    Luckily, Mary Rose Collopy brought, Bora, as Smokey’s Cowgirl, to round out the ensemble. Bora took home “Best Dressed Pet”.

The Ryan and Shannelle Russell family competed with KeyKey & pup Ginger, and their usual “All In” attitudes. Their 6-person, double-dog team “Ruff Morning” straggled in with pink bathrobes, scruffy slippers, curlers and cigarettes!  Of course, they took home the “Best Look-Alike” Prize.

It was the four-legged social event of the year where the pets took center stage.  Many people enjoyed watching the Grand Marshals of the Parade, Tauntauns Annie and Hogan Lierd, lead the procession.

Thank you to Taylor Hansen, Brandi & Blair Lierd and the Wolf Creek Team, for putting on such a simply sweet community event.

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