We are very proud to announce that Wolf Creek Resort & Club has received THREE Indie Ogden nominations in the local “Best of Ogden Area” awards:

Best Place for Family Fun
Best Gym
Best Yoga

The process to select the finalists is well underway, and
we are asking for your vote to help us secure the win.

  1. Click here: http://awards.indieogdenutah.com/vote/ and then click on “Indie Ogden Awards Ballot”
  2. Scroll to #14 “Best Place for Family Fun” and vote for “Wolf Creek Resort”
  3. Scroll to #18 “Best Gym” and vote for “Wolf Creek Resort Fitness”
  4. Scroll to #20 “Best Yoga Class” and vote for “Power Yoga with Janet at The Club at Wolf Creek Resort”
  5. Hit “Next” (it should say “Survey Complete”), then “Save/Logout”

We thank you, in advance, for your vote!

Indie Ogden Nominations